Monday, February 11, 2013

Personal Challenge update! Better than I thought!!!

Well All,
I was pleasantly surprised by all the great reviews that my sprouted hummus got! I took it to a few gatherings and people really enjoyed it. Now you can't go into the eating experience with the mindset of 'normal' hummus. But hey, its raw, sprouted, and extremely healthy! So even after my previous thumbs down post I think I going to change my mind and make it again. Since everyone enjoyed it how could I not? Especially if I can add a something thats even a bit healthier then I'm all for it!

So go ahead and try it for yourself! Let me know what you think, and how others liked it {this seems to be a very important part! :) }. You may be surprised {like me!} and your family and friends may love it! I suggest serving it some delightful gluten free crackers and veggies! Those seem to be the winners at our place.

Blessings and let me hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Making it real: Two - Toned Taters

Here is a nice way to enjoy yummy potatoes that are parve. Wonderful with chicken and green beans. It's also another way to enjoy the wonders of Coconut oil. We had my Aunt and Uncle in for a visit and when I pulled these out of the oven my Aunt exclaimed "Wow, two toned taters! They look great!" Normally I just called them Roasted Potatoes. But now they have a cute rhyming name!

Golden little beauties!

Two - Toned Taters

2 Russet potatoes
2 Sweet potatoes
1 Sweet onion
2 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Basil flakes
2 tsp. Parsley flakes
1 tsp. Rosemary
1/2 tsp. Pepper
Coconut Oil {as much as needed}

Dice your potatoes into 1/2" {or so} cubes and slice the onion in half then slice the halves into thin slices. Mix it all into a large bowl, adding as much Coconut oil needed to coat the veggies. Place onto a cookie sheet that has a tablespoon of Coconut oil melted on it {you can just put the Coconut oil on the pan and place it in your preheating oven}. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft and nicely browned.

Some in our family like them just the way they come out of the oven and others like it in some good old fashioned ketchup.
Mmmmm....don't they look GREAT!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Personal Challenge: Sprouted hummus, final product

The results are in! We now know how the sprouted hummus fared. I'll rate it in a few categories: taste, texture, aroma, and easiness. You'll notice that its been a few days since I've posted on this, but Shabbat came so I placed the chickpeas in the refrigerator until Sunday. That way I stopped the sprouting process but kept them nice. Lets take a look at some pictures of the final process.

I gathered my needed ingredients: Olive oil, salt, roasted garlic, lemon juice, warm water, and of course the {sprouted} chickpeas. 
Some of the ingredients. 

I rinsed off the sprouted chickpeas until the water ran clear then I drained them.

I rinsed them until the water ran clear.

Here are the rinsed chickpeas, notice the sprouts. Note that not all have such large sprouts. I was worried that if I let them sprout to much I would lose to much starch and would not have a mixture that held together.
Here are some of the sprouts.
Well here are the results of my personal challenge. Here you can see them in the food processor. I have a hummus, however not quite the same texture as normal hummus. It's a bit chunkier, more full bodied. :)
The sprouted hummus in the food processor.
Ok so here are the final ratings:
taste 1 {2} 3 4 5
texture {1} 2 3 4 5
aroma {1} 2 3 4 5
easiness 1 2 {3} 4 5

Not as great as you thought I would have? Well I was surprised too. I was really disappointed with the taste, I can get past the texture but the taste....well lets just say I won't be making this again. But I may try soaking them and then making a healthier hummus that way, maybe in the near future :) It did have a slightly displeasing aroma, but if a person is already used to earthy, natural food then you may be able to get used to it.

So that's a wrap! It was a fun experiment, but next time I think that I'll skip the sprouting and try soaking them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Kosher Kitchen: Non-dairy Parmesan "Cheese"

Healthy Kosher Kitchen: Non-dairy Parmesan "Cheese"
Here is a great idea from another blogger. Enjoy! I want to try this soon!!! If you've made this or something similar let me know.

Personal Challenge: Sprouted Hummus - a sprout!

Look! A little sprout has made its appearance!
The one right in the middle has a small sprout! YAY!
This is after another rinse and drain this morning. They are growing! Can't wait until I can make the final product! Its really amazing how they change so much in such a short amount of time. Wonder what they will look like tomorrow. I think this will be my last day of sprouting and tomorrow I'll make the hummus...we'll see!

Personal Challenge: Sprouted Hummus

Here is an update picture of the sprouts. I rinsed them off until the water ran clear. 
Look how they doubled!
And you can see how they doubled! Next time I think that I'll just use 1 C of beans, that way they have plenty of room to grow. I am please with them so far, I guess the proof will the in the pudding {or Hummus in our case! lol}

Monday, January 14, 2013

Personal Challenge! Sprouted Hummus.

Ok, so here goes. I'm going to do a personal challenge, or better know as a good old fashioned experimenter. So you will get a day by day update on the process. Here are some pictures from today.

Here is the beginning of the challenge! 1.5 C of Garbanzo beans.
First I'm taking about 1.5 C. of Garbanzo beans and I'm going to soak them overnight. Then in the morning I'll take them and rinse them and drain them and let them sprout.

My water ready to pour onto my rinsed Garbanzo beans.
So I rinsed my beans to make sure they were good and clean. You may want to use filtered water unless you have really good well water.

Here they are, soaking for the night
Now they are ready for a good soak. I covered them with water to about the 3 C. line on the Ball jar. We'll see what they look like tomorrow.

Have a great evening!